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The latest news, notices and articles from the Taw and Torridge churches.

Week Commencing 17 Jan 2022

Date Added: 17th January 2022

Electoral Roll Before we hold the Annual Parochial Church Meeting in March, we need to revise the membership of the Electoral Roll.      If you are already on the roll then you don't need to do anything. If you are not on the roll and

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New Year Message

Date Added: 27th December 2021

Dear Friends I wonder what your attitude to the New Year is? For some it may be about making new resolutions to live better, do better and generally be more positive. Some of you may have vivid recollections of previous New Year resolves ending in failure

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Date Added: 6th June 2018

General Data Protection Regulation - recent changes in the law require us to gain the specific permission of every church member with regard to what personal information the church stores and what use we make of it.  Please complete and return a ‘Consent

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Parish Giving Scheme

Date Added: 29th October 2018

If you are a member of St Peter's and would like to find out how you can support the church financially, then pick up one of the 'Parish Giving Scheme' information packs from the church porch.  Many of us give to the church via this simple

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Have You Found What You're Looking For?

Date Added: 23rd January 2017

Some of the most important questions that we can ever ask ourselves are these: What do I want out of life? What am I looking for? What is my life meant to be all about? Our lives generally follow the familiar pattern of school then job then family then

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