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Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary – Bible readings and prayer topics for the coming week

This week we look at two more challenges facing the church at Corinth. Then we begin to study  Jesus’ farewell words to his disciples (John 13 to 17) in preparation for Pentecost (June 5th).

Monday 16th May – Praying for ourselves
1 Corinthians 12 verses 12 to 31 – The church is Christ’s body. We are diverse in skills and abilities, but unified by one Spirit. None are inferior or superior;  we are to respect each other.
Pray that our churches may have a real sense of unity as the body of Christ. Every individual must be valued.

Tuesday 17th May – Praying for our community
1 Corinthians 13 – one of the greatest chapters in Paul’s letters. His description of love is so challenging. We should desire and pray for love more than any other spiritual gift, for love will endure for ever.
Give thanks and pray for the good work of our local medical services, hospital, care homes and hospices. Remember anyone you know who is in particular need of prayer.

Wednesday 18th May - Praying for our churches
John chapter 13 verses 1 to 17 – To disciples who had sometimes argued about who was the greatest, Jesus gives a moving example of humble service. This is a challenge for us all.
Pray that God will guide our PCCs and all involved in the long process of finding a new Vicar.

Thursday 19th May - Praying for our Nation
chapter 13 verses 21 to 38 – Judas’s betrayal is symbolised by the ‘dark night’ (v.30). Jesus shines a new light on God’s command to love when he says ‘as I have loved you.’ Such love should show the world outside the reality of our Christian discipleship.
The cost of living crisis is blighting the lives of many millions of our fellow-citizens. Pray for an adequate response from government, business and the voluntary agencies trying to help.

Friday 20th May – Praying for our mission
chapter 14 verses 1 to 14 – It is a wonderful comfort to know that Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a place for us. His claim to be the only way to God makes Christianity unique. The promise in verse 13 is for prayer ‘in my name’, that is, in accordance with Jesus’ revealed character.
Pray that we may have opportunities to bear witness to the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. Continue to remember Alun and Debbie Burt and their family in a very needy area of Cape Town.

Saturday 21st May – Praying for our world
chapter 14 verses 15 to 24 – ‘Another’ means that the promised Holy Spirit will be just like Jesus. ‘Counsellor’ or ‘Comforter’ means that he will stand alongside us, as our strengthener, or advocate.
Continue to pray for a lasting peace in Ukraine. Pray for safety for those working to bring relief to the suffering. Pray that God will overrule for good in the long-term consequences of this war.

Sunday 22nd May – Praying for our ministers
chapter 14 verses 25 to 31 – What more do we learn about the work of the Holy Spirit? Jesus confirms his authority over the powers of evil – a great reassurance in the current world situation.
Continue to pray for Marisa Cockfield as she seeks to serve our mission community, for Brenda, Liz and Gillian, and all who serve in ministry in any way.      

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