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Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary – Bible readings and prayer topics for the coming week
We like to think we know the Ten Commandments, but they are well worth thinking about individually. The first four concern our duty to God, and the second six our duty to others.

Monday 15th August – Praying for ourselves
Read Exodus 20 verses 1 to 21 – These were God’s instructions, written in stone, to provide boundaries for our lives. Note the peoples’ reaction. This was a deadly serious occasion.
Pray that the Lord will help us as we read his Word this week.

Tuesday 16th August – Praying for our community
The first commandment affirms that God alone is God. “I am the LORD, there is no other.” (Isaiah 45 v.6) Read 1 Kings 18 verses 16 to 39. Through this dramatic event God illustrates this fact.  God is exclusive, and Jesus is the only way to him (John 14 verse 6).
Give thanks and pray for the work of the RNLI, and safety for our families during summer activities.

Wednesday 17th August- Praying for our churches
The second commandment warns us not to have other gods or idols. Read Isaiah 40 verses 12 to 26. God is incomparable. What gods or idols are we tempted to have in our lives today?
Continue to pray for our churchwardens, PCCs, the Archdeacon and others involved as we move forward in the search for a new Vicar. 

Thursday 18th August - Praying for our Nation
The third commandment is about reverence for God. In the Bible, God’s Name is shorthand for all that he has revealed himself to be. So this is about much more than using ‘God’, ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ’ as an expletive. Read for example Isaiah 45 verses 23 to 25. How does this challenge us today? 
Many millions of our fellow-citizens are facing a genuine cost of living emergency. Continue to pray that, despite the political uncertainty at present, they will get the support they need,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Friday 19th August – Praying for our mission
The fourth commandment requires us to be imitators of God, who rested after he had finished his work of creation. Read Mark 2 verse 23 to 3 verse 6. Christians keep Sunday as the Sabbath, because of Jesus’ resurrection. How can we keep it holy, set apart, today?
Many of us have wide-ranging social contacts outside of church. Pray that the Lord will help us to commend the Lord Jesus by our lives and words.  Pray too for Alun and Debbie Burt in Cape Town.                                           

Saturday 20th August – Praying for our world
It is significant that the fifth commandment, the first of those about our duty to others, concerns the family. Read Ruth 1 verses 1 to 18 for a moving example. The apostle Paul picks up this theme (see Ephesians 6 verses 1 to 4). What keeps generations apart today? 
Pray that God will overrule for good in the decisions of world leaders, not only in the Ukraine war but in the many other situations where there is conflict, suffering or famine.

Sunday 21st August – Praying for our ministers
In the sixth commandment, God affirms the sanctity of human life. Read Matthew 5 verses 21 to 26. Humans are made in God’s image, so the shedding of innocent blood is an offence against God. Jesus included murderous thoughts and insults as offences against the person.
Continue to pray for Brenda, Liz and Gillian, and for others who share in ministry in our three parishes.     

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