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Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary – Bible readings and prayer topics for the coming week

As Jesus approaches a crucial point in his ministry, his own prayer life with God, and the continuing training of the disciples, are important.

Monday 24th January – Praying for ourselves
Luke 8 verses 40 to 56 – A desperate ruler of the synagogue swallows his pride and begs help from Jesus publicly; a woman embarrassed by her condition seeks help quietly. Jesus responds to them both.
Thank God that he meets us at our point of need, and pray that you will always be ready to admit your need to him.

Tuesday 25th January – Praying for our community
Luke 9 verses 1 to 9 – What authority were the disciples given? What was the point of the restrictions? Hearing what has been happening, Herod is perplexed but curious.
Pray for God’s protection for teachers and students in our local schools and colleges during the continued Covid pandemic. 

Wednesday 26th January – Praying for our churches
Luke 9 verses 10 to 17 – Jesus continues to train and test the disciples. As he involves them in this miracle, what is he teaching them about himself and the way they should respond to him?
Pray for wisdom for our PCCs and others involved, as we face many months without an incumbent.

Thursday 27th January - Praying for our Nation
Luke 9 verses 18 to 27 – This was a critical time for Jesus and his disciples. He was not the military Messiah expected by the Jews. The way for him and his followers was the way of the cross. 
As we write this, we are in a critical time in English politics. Do pray that God will overrule for good, however things develop.

Friday 28th January – Praying for our Mission
Luke 9 verses 28 to 36 – Jesus is at prayer before he moves on. Then something of Jesus’ inner glory is revealed to the disciples, and a voice from heaven confirms to them God’s approval of the way forward.
Pray that, by God’s grace, our lives may commend Jesus and the gospel to those with whom we have contact day by day, in the local shops and elsewhere.

Saturday 29th January – Praying for our world
Luke 9 verses 37 to 50 – After the event on the mountain, Jesus is disappointed. It seems that the disciples have learnt nothing and start arguing. Jesus rebukes them, again predicts his death, and teaches humility and acceptance.
Pray for God’s overruling in situations where peace is threatened and for an adequate response to famine in many countries. Continue to remember Alun and Debbie Burt and their family in South Africa.
Sunday 30th January – Praying for our ministers
Luke 9 verses 59 to 62 – Jesus’ rejection by the Samaritans is a foretaste of what lies ahead.
Now he teaches the disciples about the urgency and cost of discipleship.
Continue to pray for Marisa Cockfield as she seeks to serve our mission community,  for Brenda, Liz and Gillian, and all who share in ministry in any way.

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